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About Upcycle Project

Upcycle Project is a multidisciplinary agency providing creative circular solutions to build a more resourceful world.


We seek to inspire, educate, and help companies find novel ways to reduce and repurpose waste by applying principles of creativity, circularity, and innovation to achieve their sustainability goals. In addition to transforming textile waste into valuable raw materials, we help designers source sustainable fabrics.

Through partnerships, exhibitions, fashion shows, workshops, competitions, and events, our registered nonprofit raises awareness, making audiences experience sustainability in exciting and fashion-forward settings.


We believe you don’t have to stop doing what you do best to have a positive footprint in the world. Let us help you re-think your impact!






As Founder of Upcycle Project, Gabriella has made it her goal to raise awareness about the waste the fashion industry creates. She's done this through hands-on workshops, student mentorship programs, inspiring discussions, TEDx Talks as well as disruptive events and products that result in creative circular solutions. As a conscious observer, she believes the future of fashion will evolve through textile waste management, innovation, sustainable sourcing, and ethical production.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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