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Our Mission

Research and community engagement   enabling the creation of one million sustainability careers, one thousand sustainability startups and organizations, and drive reduction of one million metric tons of carbon emissions by 2030.

What We Do

The Open Sustainability Collaborative is an open source global innovation movement focused on closing the gap between innovators and accountable organizations (AO) with sustainability development goals as part of their charter.

Working with a diverse group of innovators not found in the usual places,  we enable untapped innovators in underserved, under-represented and under-invested regions of the world, to deliver hyper local innovation to create community impacting opportunities in partnership with global AO's.

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Bringing together bright minds from all walks of life from all over the world to create equitable opportunities focused on sustainability


Solving sustainability challenges that affect each and every one of us.


Generate results that materially and positively impact people, planet, and business


The OSC aligns projects and initiatives closely to the United Nations 17 Sustainability Development Goals. Using this common framework, the OSC works with AO's to build SDG specific outcomes though our unique innovation framework.


Partner, Collaborate, and Innovate to help eradicate poverty in you community, in your region, in you nation, globally.

Be Part of Our Community

VR Games


  1. Open to anyone and zero cost to participate

  2. Learn and share with peers

  3. Compete for global opportunities

  4. Contribute to a global community

  5. Get discovered while showcasing your best

  6. Many of our sponsors, and participating accountable organizations are seeking talent

  7. Many of our investors are on the hunt for their next sustainability investment

Accountable Organizations

The OSC provides mechanisms to enable corporates and accountable organizations to :

  1. Identify, experiment, and address roadblocks to meeting SDG metrics inclusively

  2. Access a broader pool of sustainability-minded talent

  3. Collaborate with a new pool of potential partners

  4. Meet potential new candidates and see them in action

  5. Work with a broad community to build solutions that map to business outcomes and SDGs

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Image by Charles Deluvio


  1. The OSC gathers innovators from all walks of life, with a focus on underserved and under represented regions

  2. We match innovators with prospective customers/sponsors, partners, and other innovators to collaborate and create impact solutions

  3. The OSC does not require equity in outcomes


Our Innovation Framework

Because there is innovation in every mind

Our innovation framework is designed to prove out viability of sustainability outcomes for our stakeholders, and at the same time, continually pressure test business objectives.

Our Partners

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